BLU DOG Home Alone

Super excited to announce that our new book BLU DOG Home Alone was released today on Amazon! Teamed up with Todd Grey, we had so much fun making this book possible.  Interactive children’s activity section inside and a free coloring book included. Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

You have often heard the age old question; if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? BUT have you ever thought about this one; if a dog is home alone and no one is around to watch him, does he have more fun than we think?” Christopher Anderson is your typical kindergartener whose imagination runs wild when asking himself that very same question. Young children and parents alike will truly enjoy reading this book and discovering what Christopher thinks his beloved dog Blu is actually doing while he is attending school. The Blu Dog Book series aims to encourage your child to develop and expand their imaginations in both a unique and fun way. At the end of the story, we offer an interactive section which allows parents to help their children express themselves in their own words and illustrations, just like Christopher Anderson.


Forest Stories

Hmmmm, it’s story time! In the dark dark woods… where adventure starts!


Being Alone


–Lonely Field.

Lately I was working on this painting “Longly Field”. As you can see, it was inspired by one of Vincent van Gogh’s classic paintings “Wheat Field with Cypresses”.  Throughout his life, Van Gogh was said to be an extremely lonely person. No doubt his use of bold colors and decorative designs were the product of intense loneliness.

I love being alone as much as socializing, sometimes socializing could give me many fun experiences and balance my life, some other times I enjoy to stay in my own world to create new works, focus, calm, and imaginary.

Prints of this painting available Here.