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Tree of the Sky

It’s from one page of a picture book I’m working on. I like the landscape so much and can’t help pulling this piece out and sharing with you guys! Click the illustration for prints available.


Forest Stories

Hmmmm, it’s story time! In the dark dark woods… where adventure starts!


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Colorful Summer Dream

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Hello July! Sunshine, blossom, coast, fresh and hot long days, energetic, and dynamic…

Mixed colors with a gradient soft edge is the nicest way to show summer life style. Summer life should be colorful, and it is absolutely timeless. Summer is the best season for the story to begin, fairy tale and classic stories, they are not only just for kids, but are also the dreams of adults. Clouds are flowing in the sky, flowers are dancing under the sun, colorful dreams and tales with all kinds of possibilities are unfolded…

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